Twenty Three

Life was crazy for a minute there. Seriously. It was like all of a sudden Ruben was wrapping up school and Legends. And BAM! Just like that he turned 23!! I, of course, wanted to make the day the best it could possibly be for him. So a few weeks earlier I had planned a surprise birthday party for him with the help of my sister. I wanted to do this so bad for him, but was worried about the timing of it all and how it would all work out. But it did! Kinda… We’ll get more to that later. But Ruben started the day with breakfast in bed. We did what we always do and turned on Friends while we cuddled and ate breakfast. Ruben had some stuff to do that day because he had finals, his Pow Wow, and tour coming up. So we actually spent a good chunk of the day apart. But it worked out perfectly for me! We (as in me and my sister Aubrey aka Cheese) ran errands all morning. We got soda, ice cream, cups, plates, filled up balloons, and all the goodies! And we ran around like maniacs trying to beat Ruben home and make sure that he saw nothing! lol. And we did! Thankfully.

When Ruben got back from his errands and things he had to do, we both got ready and headed up to SLC. We had reservations at The Roof Restaurant (it’s in the Joseph Smith Building at the very top with the most stunning view of the Salt Lake City Temple). We got there early and had some time to walk around the temple grounds before dinner. It was pretty nice. We ate till we were basically sick (it was a five-star-all-you-can-eat-buffet and there was no way we weren’t getting seconds and thirds). It was so worth it! Then we headed back home. I was so nervous the whole time, updating the ground and Cheese. Making sure things would run smoothly and that Ruben would actually be surprised! And it was going SO WELL. Until…… Right after we parked our car and were walking into the building, we saw out of the corner of our eye our friends Brendan and Kei making a run for the other door to our building… NOOOOOO! The surprise was ruined!! I was so bummed that we had made it so far and so long and had the surprise busted just minutes before we made it to our door. But Ruben knew how much work I had put into it, so we “acted” surprised when we walked in to our apartment full of our closest friends. He’s the best haha! Then we sang happy birthday and ate cake and ice cream, watched some basketball, and just talked with our friends for a while. It was so great! 

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To wrap the night up, we (Cheese, Ruben and I) decided to try the famous Charcoal Face Masks. Ruben made me swear that I wouldn’t post any pictures we took while doing it or any videos…. But let me just say…. IT WAS EVERY BIT AS PAINFUL AS THOSE VIRAL VIDEOS MAKE IT OUT TO BE! Ruben took it off just fine and was like “oh no big deal” while I literally cried because of the pain! Good times…. lol.