Christmas Feels

Utah is getting really cold and has been snowing off and on since Thanksgiving and has been bringing in those Christmas Feels so much! We set up for Christmas right before we left for New Mexico for Thanksgiving, but we didn’t fully decorate until last week. I’ve been bed bound with the worst cold (and awful side affects) for basically a week now, which meant that date night would need to be a night in this week. But it was the most perfect night in. We ordered Texas Roadhouse to go (whoever came up with restaurant food to go, I bless you) and stayed home to decorate our Christmas tree. That was of course accompanied by watching Home Alone and quoting the heck out of it! On Sunday, I was a little over not leaving the house, so we decided to get out and go scouting for good locations for some upcoming shoots I have. Sundance Resort was the perfect place to be! We walked around and took pictures and planned where we would later take pictures of some families and friends. And to top it all off, we ended up leaving the canyon just as the sun was setting and it was to die for (the pictures never do it justice). Anyways, we’ve been hunkered down in our apartment because I still have a pretty nasty cough and my boss sent me home because if I’m still contagious, I don’t want to be responsible for putting the whole office out of work with that stinking cold. God bless this Christmas season and may it keep snowing so I can take more pictures of Utah looking like Narnia!!